Tuesday 2 September, 2014

Apple Blossom Float Schedule

Follow the Apple Blossom Float to these parades:

Date Event Venue
04.05.2014 Tacoma Daffodil Parade Tacoma, WA
05.03.2014 Apple Blossom Grand Parade Triangle Park
05.10.2014 Manson Apple Blossom Parade Manson, WA
05.17.2014 Port Townsend Rhododendren Festival Port Townsend, WA
05.17.2014 Spokane Lilac Parade Spokane, WA
05.24.2014 Hyack, BC Parade New Westminster, BC
06.21.2014 Marysville Strawberry Parade Marysville, WA
06.28.2014 Cashmere Founder's Day Parade Cashmere, WA
07.12.2014 Chewelah Parade Chewelah, WA
07.19.2014 Capital Lakefair Parade Olympia, WA
07.26.2014 Seattle Seafair Parade Seattle, WA
08.10.2014 Omak Stampede Parade Omak, WA
09.13.2014 Quincy FCAD Parade Quincy, WA
09.27.2014 Leavenworth Autumn Leaf Parade Leavenworth, WA
10.04.2014 Issaquah Salmon Days Parade Issaquah, WA


Washington State
Apple Blossom Festival
2 S. Chelan Ave.
PO Box 2836
Wenatchee, WA 98807