2017 Preliminary Candidates

Among the 25 young ladies (the candidates with an (E) are from Eastmont High School, those with a (W) are from Wenatchee High School:
Front Row L to R:  Rosa Espinoza (W), Halston Harn (E), Julizia Cervantes (E), Claire Johnston (W), Chloee Favor (E), Evyn Kuske (E)
Second Row: Karli Kuntz (W), Lily Waterhouse (E), Gabriela Rodriguez (W), Amy Sand (W), Zayra Calvillo (W), Paige Chvilicek (W)
Third Row:  Melaina Cook (W), Emily Thompson (E), Mckenna Norland (w), Madelynn Albert (E), Judith Torres (W), Jalen DeShazer (W)
Top Row:  Emily Prieto (W), Kacey Lee (W), Alissa Riker (W), Danielle Meadows (E), Adelina Cabrera (W), Lanae Rodriguez (W)
Not Pictured:  Jerissa Fisch (W)



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