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2020 Applarian Chancellor Richard Seale & Lady Jacki

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The Wenatchee Applarians welcome Richard Seale as the 2019 Chancellor and his wife, Jacki.

Born and raised in Texas, Richard met Jacki, the love of his life, when both were living in California.  Jacki is a native of the Wenatchee valley, so it was that in 1993 they made their home here.  Looking to become more involved with our beautiful community, they joined the Wenatchee Applarians in 2007.  They discovered that the Applarians support a culture of participation and volunteerism in the same vein as the Festival they support and promote.  The Applarians have become a constant in Richard’s life. 

In 2017, Richard retired from King County.  As a couple, Richard and Jacki stepped up their involvement as volunteers for the Apple Blossom Festival.   “It is unique and singular to our valley; when winter gives way to spring and the school bands can be heard practicing in the mornings, something special is about to happen”.

When he can, Richard enjoys writing, golf and fishing.     

The Applarians provide the $10,000 Apple Blossom Queen’s Scholarship.


Applarian Mission Statement

  • To assist the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Association in representing the Greater Wenatchee Valley in community festivals and other events.

  • To invest in capital improvements to benefit the Apple Blossom Festival, including contributing to the annual scholarship for the Festival Royalty.

  • To be the official hosting organization for the Cities of Wenatchee and East Wenatchee, and the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival.

What it means to be an Applarian

Being an Applarian gives one the satisfaction of contributing to the most significant activity of the Wenatchee Area. To be an Ambassador for the community both at home and away demonstrates the willingness to support that which is worthwhile, while becoming acquainted with others who are not regularly met in one's daily routine, whether it be in the valley or elsewhere, as representatives of the community. Through the giving of time, energy, and financial support there comes a good feeling of being a part of making the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, it's Royalty, and the Wenatchee Valley Area something very special.

What is an Applarian?

Applarians represent a cross section of the men and women of the Wenatchee Area, all dedicated to the purpose of supporting the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival as Ambassadors both in the community and elsewhere while visiting other community activities. An Applarian is a willing worker to make visitors feel welcome, whether at Apple Blossom time or on other occasions of importance. It is being willing to provide scholarships to the Apple Blossom Festival Royalty to show appreciation for their service to the Wenatchee Area and the Festival.

History of the Applarians

Early in 1958, R.F. Jones and A.A. Morrison along with several other leaders in the Wenatchee business and professional community saw a need for an organization to support the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, particularly in the event that it sustained a major financial loss due to weather. The organization of the Applarians was the result, and was patterned after, the Portland Rosarians. Other activities were soon added including providing transportation for the float and accompanying the Royalty to over 25 festivals, hosting festival groups and other visitors, attending out-of-town banquets and, more recently, underwriting scholarships for the Apple Blossom Festival Royalty.

Applarian Obligations

To actively participate in Applarian functions and on committees when possible, especially during the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival.  To attend at least one or more out-of-town packet and/or non-packet festivals during the year as part of an official Applarian delegation.

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