Gesa Entertainment Stage Application

Festival Dates: April 23rd - May 3rd

This is required to receive payment if requesting $600 or more.
Contact Primary Phone *
Contact Primary Phone
Cell Phone
Cell Phone
Rock, Country, Folk, Jazz etc.
Prefered length of performance *
Please choose ONE TIME that you are willing to do. You CAN NOT play the same song twice.
Example: 30 minutes $75 60 minutes $150 90 minutes $225
If you are being paid for your performance, please list the name of the person or company that the check should be made out to.
Please check one *
Example: chairs, microphones, etc
Appearance/Content Please remember that this is a family show. Your choice of music, choreography, and costumes should be completely appropriate for all ages of audience members. *
Lyrics - We ask that you thoroughly scrutinize the lyrics to your music. There should be NO vulgar language, swearing, or sexually explicit references. is a great website to use if you aren’t sure of what the song is saying. *
Choreography - No suggestive/sexual dance movements. Please remember that your moves can be interpreted many ways by the audience. *
Costumes – Costumes should be tasteful and appropriate. Please no undergarments showing, no midriff tops or pants that sit too low on the hips. *
The Apple Blossom Festival reserves all rights to cancel a group, mid-performance, if they do not comply with the above guidelines. *
Mandatory Release Form *
IN CONSIDERATION of your accepting this entry, I/we jointly and severally, and intending to legally bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, do hereby waive, release, and discharge the following: The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, the cities and counties of event venues, the owners and managers of any public and/or private sports, recreation, or other facility used for Washington State Apple Blossom Festival events, all Washington State Apple Blossom Festival sponsors, members, staff, and volunteers, individual coaches, instructors, supervisors, or supervising or coordinating organizations, and all of the above’s members, agent, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liability, and for claims, including those arising from negligence, and/or claims for illness, injuries, and damages that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of participation in any Washington State Apple Blossom Festival event, or of participant’s practice for any Washington State Apple Blossom Festival event, or of participant’s travel to and/or from event venues.
Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Music Licensing Agreement *
The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Entertainment in Memorial Park carries music licenses through BMI, ASCAP and SESAC. On behalf of myself and the performers in my group, we agree to only play songs that are our original works, or that are licensed by either BMI, ASCAP or SESAC. If we are not performing our original works, I will visit,, and to ensure that the songs on our playlist are licensed by either one of these companies. My group and I will not perform any songs that do not satisfy these requirements. Independent of the licenses obtained by the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival Association, I am aware that it may be necessary for me and my group to obtain licenses to perform the songs on our playlist.
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