Pepsi Cola Youth Day Information & Application

Due March 27th.

Youth Day will take place on Sunday, April 26th

Since 1986 Youth Day has been bringing joy to the youth of our valley. This event continues to grow and has become one of Apple Blossoms biggest events with over 4,000 children in attendance. To receive the greatest value for your participation we would like to offer you the following insight. Children love to have fun. The busiest booths are those that provide an activity i.e... fishing pond, obstacle course, treasure hunt, musical chairs, etc. We can accommodate most requests for adequate space. Think about your required giveaways that will be taken home, looked at and evaluated by parents. Is it relevant to a wide range of ages and will your item get you the result you are seeking?


·       You must have a “youth-oriented” activity at your booth.  Please describe this activity on the enclosed application.  Booths that do not have an activity will not be allowed to participate.

·       New applicants, this application does not automatically allow you to participate; the committee will review new applications and inform you immediately of your acceptance or denial.

·       There is a $50 non-refundable participation fee for non-profit groups and a $200 non-refundable participation fee for commercial businesses.  Returning participants must include this payment with your application. New applicants will be billed upon acceptance.

·       If you do not specify a size on the application, you will receive a 10x10 booth.  If accepted, please do not show up requesting additional space.  We use a map layout for all booths and we won’t be able to give you additional footage that day.

·       You must provide your own tables, chairs, canopies, etc.

·       If you are requesting to have a mascot roam the park, and do not need a booth, please mark “Mascot Only” on the contract
(still need to pay appropriate fees).

CLICK HERE for printable version of above Rules and Regulations

Email with any questions or other information.

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MANDATORY RELEASE FORM --- IN CONSIDERATION of your accepting this entry I/we jointly and severally, and intending to legally bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, do hereby wae, release, and discharge to following: The Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, the cities and counties of event venues, the owners and managers of any public and/or private sports, recreation or other facility used for the Washington State Apple Blossom Festival events, all Washington State Apple Blossom Festival sponsors, All Washington State Apple Blossom Festival members, staff, and volunteers, individual coaches, instructors, supervisors, or supervising or coordinating organizations, and all of the above members, agents, employees, representatives, successors, and assigns from any and all liability, and for claims, including those arising from negligence, and/or claims for illness, injuries, and damage that may arise directly or indirectly as a result of participation in any Washington State Apple Blossom Festival event, or of participant’s practice for any Washington State Apple Blossom Festival event, of participant’s travel to and/or event venues. *
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